This was an interactive web assignment where me as a teacher created with students in first and second grade in mind. Mine was all about about Mountains. I created three worksheets involving websites, and videos for the students to sort through, and answer questions. It was a long and tedious process, but it was very informational as well! This was something new, and an interesting way to incorporate technology in the classroom.

Science Play Project

One of the first big assignments for the year was creating a science activity to teach to students. We were divided into groups of 2 to come up with an activity based on a topic. My groups topic was the Law of Inertia. Seeing as I have not studied this in years, it was interesting to go back to it. We created several activities for the children to do, and show off what the law of inertia was. The first was we brought in Newton’s Cradle. It was a way to teach the students how an object in motion stays in motion until a force stops it. We then brought in a pendulum to show a different aspect of inertia. Then it was time for the fun activity! Our activity was Egg in a Glass. The students were to get an egg into a glass of water using an egg, toilet paper roll, pie tin, and a glass of water. Below is the steps to our activity. Unfortunately, due to weather we were not able to do our activities in front of the students, but we did a moc one in the classroom.